Questions about Work Crew and Summer Staff

Q: I want to do Work Crew/Summer Staff. What do I need to do in order to set that up?
A:  It depends.  The requirements for a doing Work Crew/Summer Staff are different depending on whether you wish to work for a weekend or an entire month of the summer.
  If you want to do Summer Staff/Work Crew for an entire month of the summer these are the things that you will need.
        1.  Medical Consent Form
        2.  Completed application with attached written answers.
        3.  Staff Reccommendation.  (You can call or email the Young Life office to get this.)
        4.  Background Check Paperwork-  This is to allow Young Life to perform a background check on you.
        4.  There is a mandatory Work Crew training course in order to go on a month long Work Crew Assignment.  You can contact the Young Life Office to get more information about this.
     If you want to do Summer Staff/Work Crew for a weekend camp you need to complete:
        1.  Medical Consent Form
        2.  Completed Application WITHOUT the long written answers.
All of these things should be sent to the Young Life Office ASAP so that we can get you set up and reserve you a spot.  Often Summer Staff and Work Crew spots fill up quickly.
Q:  Do I qualify as Summer Staff or Work Crew?
A:  This is the question you need to ask yourself.  Am I at least 6 months past my high school graduation?  If so, then you are eligible for Summer Staff.  Otherwise you fall into the Work Crew category.

Q:  Why am I doing Work Crew or Summer Staff?

A:  There are alot of good reasons to do Work Crew or Summer Staff.  Its fun, you spend time at a Young Life Camp for free, and you get to meet tons of awesome people from all over the country.  Although there are lots of good answers to that question there is one best answer. 

Work Crew and Summer Staff are first and foremost a place to serve.  People who want to do Summer Staff or Work Crew must have a desire to work with the motivation of helping the camp reach its purpose.  To provide the best week (weekend) of someone's life by allowing them to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In allowing someone to do Summer Staff or Work Crew at a camp Young Life assumes they are offering their time, energy, and effort to love other kids by working for them. 


Here are the forms that you are going to need....
Summer Staff
Work Crew

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